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photo by Auey Santos

Janet is available as a lecturer, instructor, public speaker and interviewee. (Due to COVID restrictions, she can participate only on-line until personal appearances are again adequately safe.)

The workshops she has taught in the past include:

Ethical Sluthood. Discussion and exercises exploring lifestyles that go beyond the traditional monogamous model.

Sluthood Practicum. A group brainstorming session about ways to move forward toward an abundant polyamorous life. 

Warm Cheeks, Warm Heart. The craft and art of butt-whacking: negotiation, roleplay, pacing, anatomy, breath, implements, positions and more.

SM Spirituality for the Left-Brained. A practical conceptual framework for transcendent SM, including exercises in breath, movement, touch and visualization. 

The Pervert In the Spotlight: Explaining Alternative Sexualities To the Public. Strategies for helping outsiders understand the world of kink.

Kundalini, Chi, Energy: What Is It and How Do We Use It? Understanding and exploring strategies for consciously raising energy in your play and in your life. 

Queering Heterosexuality: Girlfaggery, Transattraction and Other Emerging Liminal Identities. An exploration of the ways in which girlfags, guydykes, transattracted people, androgynes and others are expanding the boundaries of queerness and redefining the idea of sexual orientation.

The Story of Your Life – Finding the Meaning in our Sexuality. A conversation for writers and those who would like to be writers, about putting sexual explorations into an understandable and relatable narrative.

She is open to developing new topics as needed. She requires that her out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, lodging, meals, parking et al), if any, be reimbursed by the sponsoring organization. Her honorarium varies depending on the length and complexity of the event; please inquire.


Janet is also an entertaining and knowledgeable interviewee. Her dozens of appearances in print and on television, radio and podcasts include:

Just Between Us, 2021

SmartSluts, Part One, Part Two, 2021

HuffPo UK, 2020

PolyWeekly, 2019

Culture, 2018

The Drum, 2015

Hearts and Other Sex Parts, 2013

An Uncluttered Life, 2012

Bookslut, 2010

SFGate, 2001

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