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The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships, and Other Freedoms in Sex and Love* **
“Many people dream of having an abundance of love and sex and friendship. Some believe that such a life is impossible and settle for less than they want… A few, though, persist and discover that being openly loving, intimate, and sexual with many people is not only possible but can be more rewarding than they ever imagined.”

Spanking for Lovers
“What’s so great about getting whacked on the butt? For that matter, what’s so great about whacking someone? There are probably almost as many answers to these questions as there are spanking fans….”

The Sexually Dominant Woman: An Illustrated Guide for Nervous Beginners
“If you’ve ever dreamed of being in control of someone’s behavior and sexuality… if you’ve ever yearned to hurt someone, just a little… if the idea of having someone tied up and helpless makes you a bit short of breath… if your regular, everyday sex is seeming just a tad bland and boring… or maybe even if you have a partner who really, really wants the experience of sexual submission that only you can give them… This book is for you.”

Girlfag: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals
“I have always wanted in. In: to the twisty humor and campy adulation. In: to the why-not sex and effortless fabulosity. In: to the lost-soul neediness, the fuck-you self-definition, the endless streams of gossip and in-jokes and flirtation and sheer raw Eros…. Even as a child I responded to vague cultural referents and deeply coded television characters, recognizing my place in a world that danced just beyond the reach of my ineluctably female fingertips.”

Radical Ecstasy: S/M Journeys to Transcendence * ** ***
“Your authors believe that one of the things that feels so very good about orgasm is that it’s most people’s easiest pathway to something that feels like oneness-with-the-universe… for just those few seconds or minutes you get to float (or shimmy, or tremble, or convulse, or scream, or bellow) in a place outside space and time and boundaries. Extremes of sensation or emotion or loss of control that we experience during peak BDSM moments carry us into those same transcendent spaces… When we drop our boundaries, we flow into each other.”
Impervious: Confessions of a (semi-)Retired Deviant **
“I used generic words for the participants in the fantasy because I rarely make up my own people. Instead, I use people made up by other writers…. If I wrote the fantasy using those people, it would be fanfiction and nobody would publish it. When I say ‘I’, though, that’s not a generic person. That’s me, Janet. I’m a middle-aged, otherwise rather unexceptional woman who spent thirty years of her life chasing something, got sort of famous during the chase, and then caught it.”

The New Bottoming Book* **
“This is an unabashedly bottom-centrist book. In it we will tell you over and over again that bottoms are beautiful, bottoms are powerful, bottoms are alchemists who magically transform suffering into sex, humiliation into desire, screams of pain into moans of pleasure. In this book, we will you to be a proud, fierce, redoubtable bottom – a bottom whose power is so profound that it attracts tops like pollen attracts bees.”
The New Topping Book* **
“We honor and applaud your willingness to venture out on the thin, scary ice of taking control of another’s sensations, emotions and spirit. In this book, we’ll encourage you to insist on being recognized for your humanness as well as for your toppiness, to demand the nurturance and support you deserve, and to find ways to get your sexual needs met.”

When Someone You Love Is Kinky*
“If you learn that someone you care about enjoys something that you’ve been taught is weird or funny, or even wrong or sick, you may see that person in a whole new way…. Yet many people cross that gap every day. By learning more about whatever it is that their son, daughter, friend, parent, sibling or co-worker enjoys… by trusting that person’s ability to make healthy choices… and, above all, by continuing to offer love, friendship and affection even when things seem confusing and weird and impossible… they discover deeper, truer connections than they ever had before. That is what we want for you, and why we wrote this book.” [written under the pen name Catherine A. Liszt]

* Co-authored with Dossie Easton

** Also available as audiobook, voiced by author/s

*** Currently available in ebook form only

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